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Animal hoarders are just as common as hoarders of clutter and more often than not  are a combination of both. Animal hoarders typically start out with the best intention of providing a loving home for animals.

Somehow along the way, they experience a growing need to accept more animals into their mix than they can realistically care for. These individuals are not trying to do any harm, they just simply can’t keep up with the workload that caring for a large , growing number of animals requires. Steri-Clean, Inc., is here to help. We have cleaned hundreds of homes affected with animal hoarding that have  including cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, and even a tiger hoarding case! Dead animals, animal waste, nesting materials from rodents and high ammonia levels are the most common finding within these homes. Bar none, cat houses are our most predominant animal hoarding case, and are among the worst due to the limited water consumption and high crystallization of cat urine. Their urine saturates everything in the home leaving most of the contents unsalvageable. Beyond that, structural damage is also found within these homes where the urine has physically destroyed carpeting, flooring and drywall. These animal hoarding cases need thorough attention and services must be performed by a company with the knowledge and equipment to properly remediate these homes. But most importantly are the values of that company, one that stands on integrity, honesty, and compassion that it takes to properly deal with these individuals. 

Steri-Clean, Inc. will sort through the contents and save anything that has not been destroyed. Items that are able to be salvaged can be completely cleaned and disinfected. Steri-Clean, Inc. will also assess all structural elements throughout the home to consider the options available in addressing any potential damage.Call 1800 hoarders Call us 7 days a week to discuss your needs or submit your photos online for an estimate. Steri-Clean will return your home to a safe, functional condition as soon as you are ready. - Call Us - Our Mission

Our mission is to help those afflicted with this disorder and to provide them with the tools and skills needed to live a clutter free life. We offer understanding, trust and hope in a caring, compassionate and discreet environment, while providing the quality of care our clients expect and deserve.

From the initial contact, through cleanup and on-going support, our desire is to help our clients live a better life physically and emotionally. Privacy Notice - Estimates - In The News - Speaking Engagements

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