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Steri-Clean® and HOARDERS.COM® is now in the process of accepting potential applicants for open franchise territories throughout the United States. Despite having multiple offices throughout the country, we still have several key states and territories available. Our goal at Steri-Clean® is to have our services available to all individuals that feel they are in need of new beginnings. We truly believe that our company delivers on our promise of Restoring Homes and Lives®, and we do so in the most sincere and affordable manner available. Please contact our franchise sales at (800) 929-1498 ext. 111 for information about joining our team and learn more about this exciting opportunity with unlimited possibilities and potential!
Steri-Clean and HOARDERS.COM was established in 1995 to assist individuals known to be suffering from the disorder known as “hoarding.” With millions of hoarders throughout the nation, it became our goal to provide assistance to these individuals in any way we could. While helping hoarders throughout California restore their homes and lives, we understood the need to reach out to others throughout the country that were also in need of assistance. To accomplish this, Steri-Clean Inc developed a weekly online hoarding support group that features experts in the field of hoarding, therapists, and hoarders that participate in discussions of how to help address the issue of hoarding. Steri-Clean also developed a national database of reputable hoarding cleanup companies that we can refer you to if the help you need is outside of our service area.

Hoarders Corporate Office HeadquartersCORPORATE OFFICE
Our corporate office, located in Southern California, is the headquarters for all of our operations and the hub for our hoarding educational workshops and training. Our corporate office houses the central call center for all of California, as well as for the nationwide 1-800-HOARDERS help line. The corporate office for Steri-Clean, Inc. handles all the billing, marketing, procurement, Human Resources, operations and franchising.

Hoarders Training RoomTRAINING ROOM

Our training room is utilized to train new employees on the psychology behind hoarding, different types of hoarding behaviours, the unique approaches to working with hoarders, the procedures involved in cleaning a hoarders home, and what to look for when recovering items to be kept (items of sentimental and monetary value and other items of importance to the client). Our training room is also used for monthly training updates in the ongoing process of education for all of our employees.

In conjunction with training, our training room is used to host the monthly San Bernardino County Hoarding Task Force Meetings. These meetings are a collaboration of city and county employees and private companies that attend in an effort to further educate and inform those involved in the hoarding remediation industry, as well as how to better help hoarders through harm reduction. These meetings are open to all individuals interested in gaining information on hoarding. We have even had individual hoarders attend the task force meetings in an effort to better understand the disorder known as hoarding.

Hoarders Conference RoomCONFERENCE ROOM

Our conference room is utilized for meeting with potential customers, meetings with city and county officials regarding current hoarding cases, and small company meetings including ongoing education for both biohazard and hoarding remediation. We occasionally use this room for one on one help with hoarders, as well. This room gives us the potential to show videos, photos, and deliver presentations to any number of clients in an effort to show them exactly what our company is all about.

Hoarders GarageWAREHOUSE
Steri-Clean, Inc. has a large warehouse to accompany the need to house all items from hoarding jobs that we do not throw away, including all donations, paperwork to be shredded, electronic waste to be recycled, household hazardous waste to be properly disposed of, and old prescription medications that are to be properly destroyed.

While we can remove anywhere from 5-10 tons of waste from homes per day, we do our best to limit the amount of waste that goes to our local landfills by recycling and donating as much of the clutter as possible, and by not including in that waste items that may be dangerous to our environment. Steri-Clean, Inc. recovers over 100,000 pounds of electronic waste each year, 100% of which is picked up to be recycled. Steri-Clean, Inc. cares deeply about our environment and is proud to say that we contribute as much as possible to the effort to maintain our efforts of being a “green” company.

And by the way, did you notice that all of our vehicles are unmarked? We respect the privacy of our clients and believe in complete discretion when working with them. - Call Us - Our Mission

Our mission is to help those afflicted with this disorder and to provide them with the tools and skills needed to live a clutter free life. We offer understanding, trust and hope in a caring, compassionate and discreet environment, while providing the quality of care our clients expect and deserve.

From the initial contact, through cleanup and on-going support, our desire is to help our clients live a better life physically and emotionally.

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