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Steri-Clean, Inc. is one of the few companies in the nation that have the training, education and experience to properly understand and help hoarders. Owned by the nation's leading hoarding cleanup expert and public speaker, Cory Chalmers, each employee is fully trained in the psychology behind hoarding as well as the cleanup procedures. Steri-Clean, Inc. only employs individuals that possess what we like to call the 'human values' that we flourish upon: honesty, integrity, compassion, empathy, and all ethical principles that fall in with the likeness of these values. Since 1995, we have thrived on and will always maintain the position that we are in the business of restoring homes and lives.

We have the utmost respect for each and every one of our clients and their privacy. We understand that the matter of hoarding and the steps taken to seek help for this problem is a journey that our clients would more often than not like to keep private. Keeping this in mind, all of our vans and vehicles that come to your home are completely unmarked and plain white so nobody knows why we are there! 

As stated before, we understand that the path to achieving a home free of clutter is a journey, but it is not one that you have to take on alone. Steri-Clean, Inc. works closely with our clients, interacting with them throughout the cleanup process and ensuring that they are comfortable the entire time we are performing the remediation process. What would typically be a several week cleanup effort, can be done in just a couple days. Our cleanup process doesn’t just deal with the clutter but the emotional state of our customer. Each clean up is focused around the particular needs of our clients. We customize a cleaning plan depending on their level of stress, anxiety and other emotions. Through our extensive experience and by attending to the emotional and psychological side of hoarding, we recognize that this process is one that can be stressful and overwhelming. We will do everything within our power to not add to the stress that is already there. We constantly monitor our customers to keep them in their comfort zone during the entire cleanup. We encourage the hoarder to be a part of the cleanup to help alleviate any concerns. We also recommend having a friend or family member present that can provide positive support and be non judgmental. 

You’ve already taken huge steps in coming to our website to make an effort in addressing the issue of hoarding. Once again, you do not have to take this journey alone. Together we can get this done. In fact, since our inception in 1995, we have successfully cleaned over 7,500 homes affected with hoarding issues and restored just as many lives during the process. Our aftercare program for hoarders is simple, yet effective to prevent our customers from returning to old habits. If you or your loved one needs help de-cluttering, you have found the ONLY company that will do so with compassion, empathy, and that is entirely free of judgement. Trust in Steri-Clean, Inc. and allow us to do what we do best: restoring homes and lives!

Our Hoarding Cleanup Services Include:
• Only Unmarked Vehicles are Used
• Free Email and Phone Support
• Free Photo Estimates
• Non Judgmental Hoarding and Clutter Clean-Up that is Catered to Each Individual Client
• Triage and Sorting of Contents
• Recovery of Valuables and Sentimental Items
• Paperwork Recovery and Storage
• Cleanup and disposal of Animal/Human waste
• Deep Cleaning/Gross Filth
• Home Repair Referrals
• Necessary Aftercare Resources
• Appliance Recycling
• E-Waste Recycling
• Delivery of Storage Containers
• Removal and Recycling of Non Running VehiclesCall 1-800-HOARDERS (800-462-7337)
• Photo/Video Documentation
• Itemized Inventory
• Deep Cleaning/Gross Filth
• Home Repair Referrals
• Necessary Aftercare Resources - Call Us - Our Mission

Our mission is to help those afflicted with this disorder and to provide them with the tools and skills needed to live a clutter free life. We offer understanding, trust and hope in a caring, compassionate and discreet environment, while providing the quality of care our clients expect and deserve.

From the initial contact, through cleanup and on-going support, our desire is to help our clients live a better life physically and emotionally.

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