Visit for Help and cleanup for Hoarders. With the help of Steri-Clean, Inc. and HOARDERS, we can provide you the hoarding help that you have been in need of. We are highly trained in dealing with hoarders and hoarding disorder and offer a complete package of cleaning, resources for therapy, support, and follow up care. At Steri-Clean, Inc. compassion and empathy are understatements in how we work with our clients. At Steri-Clean, Inc. we think that our clients comfort is a priority. At Steri-Clean, Inc. we are in the business of caring: we see people as they are, not what they are surrounded by. We understand how severely hoarding affects people. We are here because we understand hoarding and will treat you with nothing but the upmost respect. Our first priority is to put your concerns to rest from the minute we talk to you. Hoarding can cause a number of hidden dangers. Depression and hoarding are like parasites that feed off of each other.
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Since 1995, Steri-Clean, Inc. has provided help for hoarders and their families by providing them with a fresh start. Homes that may seem daunting and overwhelming due to the amount of clutter, trash, and abundance of personal belongings is our specialty. We have helped thousands of individuals over the years in not only restoring their homes, but also in restoring their lives. Steri-Clean, Inc. has numerous hoarding clean up options, which range from a complete clean out to organizing and recovering items of importance. Hoarding remediation is a specialized service which requires special skills and qualities to achieve a successful result. 

We do not simply enter a home that is affected with hoarding conditions and throw everything out. The reality is that beneath the mountains of clutter and chaos there will be items of importance and value that should be kept. Our attention to detail and understanding of this fact places Steri-Clean, Inc. in a category above and beyond our competitors. During the remediation process, we can package, transport and even store items while in the process of removing unwanted items. 

One call to Steri-Clean, Inc. and we can arrange a free assessment of your home. We will evaluate your individual situation and develop a plan of action that is unique to your needs. We will put it in writing so you know up front what our services include and what our fees will be with no surprises. We also offer 24 hour phone and email support to answer any questions that will be tended to by our professional and compassionate staff, all of which have hundreds of hours of on scene experience with hoarders and tending to their needs. 

From moderate clutter to severe hoarding situations, we can help you through this. Contact a hoarding specialist today to learn more about how we can start the process of restoring not only your home but your life as well!

Hoarding Cleanup

Need hoarding help and don't know where or how to start? We can help with all of your hoarding clean up needs and more. For 19 years we have been providing caring and compassionate hoarding cleanup services while offering additional help for hoarders and their families. Professional and specialty hoarding help can be difficult to find for the cleanup process. First, understand that hoarding is a symptom of one or more underlying disorders, but that doesn't mean it is a life sentence. We can provide help for hoarders in many ways. We understand that hoarding and severe clutter can cause embarrassment and shame. Please know that we have entered thousands of hoarding homes and nothing you have will surprise us. We are here to make your situation better, not worse so we are caring and non judgmental. Our main focus is to help you regain control of your home.  No situation is too severe and change is always possible.


Help for Hoarders

Steri-Clean, Inc. was developed to provide compassionate help for hoarders. Our staff of hoarding experts, are all highly trained in the hoarding disorder and know how to keep you comfortable. Hoarding help should be compassionate and discreet. It is not your neighbors business why we are there and our unmarked, plain white vans will ensure your secret is safe. We want you to know our hoarding help is here for you and we will make a customized plan within your comfort level. Hoarding cleanup can go smoothly and without the stress and anxiety that has most likely built up inside you. Do not be ashamed,  let our hoarding cleanup specialists help you through this. 

Hoarding Help

Our hoarding clean up help is more than just a disposal service. Our hoarding experts will help you sort through your contents, to make sure we recover all items that every functioning household should have, plus all valuables, sentimental items, important documents, statements, bills and photographs. We will work by your side to make sure your residence is cleaned while not causing any additional stress, anxiety or frustration. Hoarding cleanup can go smoothlyQuestions? Call1-800-HOARDERS (800-462-7337) , and leave you feeling great in your new home. Call our hoarding help line today with any questions. Our hoarders help will soon be available in many parts of the country, and if we can't personally help you, we will refer you to a legitimate company that can.

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STUDIO CITY (KCAL9) — Cory Chalmers discussed his experiences traveling around the country to help clean up some of the worst cases, as well as stigmas that surround hoarding. - Call Us - Our Mission

Our mission is to help those afflicted with this disorder and to provide them with the tools and skills needed to live a clutter free life. We offer understanding, trust and hope in a caring, compassionate and discreet environment, while providing the quality of care our clients expect and deserve.

From the initial contact, through cleanup and on-going support, our desire is to help our clients live a better life physically and emotionally. Privacy Notice - Estimates - In The News - Speaking Engagements

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