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Steri-Clean (HOARDERS.com) Announced Their 8th Annual Free Home Cleaning Event!

Steri-Clean, Inc. and HOARDERS.com are pleased to announce their 8th annual “HappyHOARDidays” event. This will represent the eigth consecutive year that Steri-Clean and Hoarders.com have cleaned the homes of Hoarder’s in time to celebrate the holidays! This year we will be increasing our humanitarian effort to include the cleaning of nineteen cluttered homes! We are looking for homes in each of the following states:

  1. Arizona
  2. California (3)
  3. Georgia (2)
  4. Illinois
  5. Indiana
  6. Kansas
  7. Maryland
  8. Missouri
  9. New Jersey
  10. New York
  11. Ohio
  12. Oregon
  13. Pennsylvania (2)
  14. South Carolina
  15. North Carolina
  16. Texas (2)
  17. Virginia
  18. Washington

We are looking for 23 needy families throughout the country that would otherwise not be able to afford a cleanup, but are completely willing to have a team of volunteers, hoarding experts from Steri-Clean and Hoarders.com clean their home, with probable media involvement, just in time for the holidays.

The home must be suitable for volunteers to work in, so we ask for homes that are not severe, level 5 hoarding situations. If you know of anyone that needs help and is ready to change, help us give them the Christmas gift of a lifetime!

Please have the applicants submit their story to info@hoarders.com and put “Happy HOARDidays Applicant” in the subject line. Or, CALL 1-800-462-7337 Ext. 111. An application form can also be found on-line at www.Hoarders.com. We also need them to attach a photo of each room of their home in the email. We will be selecting the winners with the most need by November 15th to give us time to line up resources to assist us in completely transforming their homes and lives.

Donations and Volunteers:

We are looking for volunteers (up to 20 per site) and donations to make this exciting annual tradition a success!

If you are interested in volunteering to help with the cleanup, please let us know! We will provide all tools, equipment, safety clothing, etc. that will be needed. We are also accepting financial donations to put into the fund to help pay for dumpsters/disposal, meals, drinks, refreshments, and safety gear for those that volunteer.

This is a great opportunity for everyone to give back and make a huge difference in a family’s life! Please call or email us at info@hoarders.com with any questions or to sign up. Thank you all for making Happy HOARDidays a continuing success!

We will be inviting several media outlets to cover the story and to give credit to those donating their time, money, supplies, and/or services.

We hope you will support this great cause!

Cory Chalmers

Featured Expert on A&E's "Hoarders"
Steri-Clean, Inc.
"Restoring Homes and Lives" ®
1-800-HOARDERS Ext. 111
1-800-462-7337 Ext. 111
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